About Us

Welcome to Hope Solid Lotion. I've suffered from skin problems my whole life. After being frustrated and full of rashes for many years, and with the support of a good friend/former cosmetic chemist who, like me, is a breast cancer warrior, I decided to make my own lotion bars and lip balms. I have a background in Cosmetology, so when I couldn't find what I needed, I decided to make my own. Finally! My skin was soft and smooth, with no breakouts!  Finally, I had hope in a lotion bar: Hope Solid Lotion. I hope you enjoy, and I wish you good health and good skin. 

What's in YOUR lotion? If you can't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin. Finally, I found hope. And so can you. Hope Solid Lotion.

I use organic, raw, unrefined, fair trade (when possible) oils and butters in my lotions. I use local beeswax in my bars as a way to support our community. No coconut, no nut oils of any kind.  
If you care about what you put on your skin, welcome.  And know there's Hope Solid Lotion.