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What makes Hope Solid Lotion different?

♥Ingredients you can identify: Hope Solid Lotion bars include beeswax, white shea butter, mango butter, avocado butter, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil, essential oils, and Vitamin E. No funny stuff!

♥Edible ingredients: All Hope Solid Lotion raw ingredients are organic/food/therapeutic grade. But, please don’t eat your Hope Solid Lotion. While we use edible ingredients, Hope Solid Lotion is NOT food. 

♥No major allergens: Hope Solid Lotion products contain no soy, no nuts, no peanuts, no coconuts, no milk, no eggs, no fish/shellfish, no wheat, and no gluten. IF YOU CAN’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH, DON’T PUT IT ON YOUR SKIN! Hope Solid Lotion has a bar for you—don’t lose hope! We’ve got your back!

♥No water: Hope Solid Lotion bars are anhydrous, meaning, “no water.’ Anhydrous bars are great for people sensitive to preservatives, because there are none! BONUS: No water means you can take Hope Solid Lotion on your next flight without cutting into the amount of fluid products TSA limits for airline travel. Score!

So, how is solid lotion used?  Take the bar out of the container.  Allow it to soften a bit in your hand.  Rub it on any part that needs moisture--hands, elbows, knees, lips--any body part with skin!  Use Solid Lotion right out of the shower for a special treat.  It feels amazing and goes on smooth.  For a tub time bonus, cut a little piece off and slip it into your bath water to use as a fragrant bath melt.  Please, keep your Solid Lotion bar dry.  It contains no preservatives and will melt in wet, warm environments. Store in your fridge if you live in a warm climate.  

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